The Art of Gloria Mack
The Artist          "Breathe" 
"BioStatement "
A Native of Baltimore
I dreamed of becoming  an artist at an early age, as far back as elementary school. There wasn't a particular artist or visual form that inspired me - during that stage of my life, I just remember feeling as if it was always there. As I matured I became aware of many artists,various styles and movements. I'd light up whenever I saw a Matisse, Dali, Giacometti, John Biggers, or Lois Malou-Jones.
Martha Jackson-Jarvis, one of the most prolific and compassionate artist I have ever met, had such a profound impact on me. I'm inspired by many artists in many disciplines and by those that appreciate, desire and persevere to become an artist.

I received a BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, but my first endeavor was in graphic design. I majored in graphics but I wanted to paint because I loved it's free form! I then changed my major which motivated me to paint to my heart's content! I preferred spending hours pondering and painting my visions on canvas and other discarded materials. Reality set in. I began teaching and tutoring full time, after school, and weekends. My students' ages ranged from 4 to 62. Teaching gave more structure to my life. It had it's leaps, bounds, and challenges but the technical and visual growth of those under my instruction gave me an emotional charge!
My art is my catharsis. It's sometimes spiritual and the contents may be somewhat an enigma, however it has chosen me. There are times when a title or theme will come before a vision or vice versa. I will get a surge to create and then find it's visually blocked or blocked by some other means. Its only temporary or temperament...
                            For Me"Its All A Healing" where ever it swings.

My style varies from abstract to surreal. It's interesting what viewers see in my abstracts which have other entities (done unconsciously).
I've worked in a variety of mediums but my signature is acrylic paint. I work fast and fluid because acrylic dries quickly. Working in layers of color I bring solidity to one shade. I seem to gravitate toward blue - sometimes subconsciously.

"I feel that I work acrylic with an oil paint mentality."

In addition to my quest for visual survival and my teaching - I've worked freelance, temped, and I'm an entrepreneur (trade name Cah-Meleon). In doing so I stand firm in my conviction of making a sacrifice for my labor of love!
This concludes my bio/artist statement in very short sincere literary form.

                    "Currently Moonlighting in  The Daylight"

                                                          Gloria Mack